Paige Academy has many programs that extend traditional academics.  These programs are vital to preparing children for life, teaching valuable life skills and exploring the real world. The video above gives an overview of the programs that we offer but below you can find out more about the programs.





Time: Monday Mornings

Classes: Toddler - 6th Grade

Art classes are led by Sister Susan Thompson and take place in the Ahmed Joe Cook art room. The children are exposed to many types of art and crafts that incorporate painting, drawing, scalping, modeling and fabric manipulation.



Time: Friday Mornings

Classes: Kindergarten - 6th Grade

Paige Academy is known for its children approved rich vegetable diet and nutritional lunch menu. Head Chef Sister Roshana Godfrey transfers her cooking knowledge to the children and teaches them how to prepare healthy and delicious cuisines. Produce from Paige Academy’s gardens are some of the ingredients used in these weekly classes.


African Drum

Time: Thursday Mornings

Classes: Infant - 6th Grade

West African drumming has been a long tradition of Paige Academy. Our children have been learning African Drumming and then later preforming at venues throughout Boston for years. Professional African drummer brother Samba Cisse, originally from Senegal, teaches the children how to master the different drum tones and rhythms of traditional West African songs.


Computer programing

Time: Monday, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Classes: Pre-school – 6th Grade

Brother Joe Cook and Sister Adelfia Barros teach use a software called MicroWolds Logo to teach, Digital graphics, multimedia and object oriented programming. The children make all kinds of projects that like game and storytelling projects.


Physical Education at The Reggie Lewis Athletic center & Roxbury YMCA

Time: Wednesday Morning

Classes: Pre-school – 6th Grade

The children exercise and do organized team games and have swimming classes.


Stems Program

Classes: Pre-school – 6th Grade

Children also learn optics, astronomy, rocketry. This is integration within the daily curriculum.



Physics at North Eastern University

Classes: Kindergarten – 6th Grade

Time: Thursday Mornings

North Eastern University physics department provides Paige Academy with access to their lab. The children have access to calibrated tools and machinery that help teach and explain physics concepts like density, time and velocity. Physics enthusiast Brother Joe leads these classes.



Classes: Infant - 6th Grade

Time: Gardening occurs seasonally

It’s important for children to know where food comes from so that they can respect and understand how food gets to the table. When gardening children learn how to plant, maintain, and care for plants and their surroundings from seeding pots in the green house, to composting and harvesting.


Music / Singing

Classes: Kindergarten – 6th Grade

Time: Wednesdays Mornings

Brother Rollins Ross accompanied with his piano teaches fundamental music and singing lessons where the children learn to sing as a group or solo. The children also enjoy dancing and clapping to original Paige Academy songs; all things that are great for building self-confidents. 



Animal Care

Classes: Infant - 6th Grade

Time: Animal maintains occurs Daily

The children have access to a chicken coop and fish pond. They learn how to Feed, egg collect and care for animals. These activities will help to give children a better appreciation for poetry and dairy and also teach the fundamentals of animal care and maintenances.